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Who are we?

We are a small, ambitious digital agency specializing in web design, from creation of adaptive web-projects on single-promo to corporate websites and online stores, UI / UX, graphic design, and Brand Identity.

From print design to branding, and customized small portfolio websites to mainstream corporate website, we work with the little businesses as well as the big ones!

We give brands purpose and structure by defining values and creating a brand story. These values are important to every next step of a design. To make sure we reach an optimal user experience and achieve marketing and communication objectives. We create distinctive designs and translate it into stylish and functional websites and smart processes.

If you want to succeed online and you’re ready to explore the options available to you, drop us a line with your case! We will be glad to choose the best solution directly for you.

We love brands and design, understand the language that is programming and value the relation- and partnership with our clients.

The strength of our team lies in setting up a strong strategy, designing distinctive design and translating this into catchy animations, stylish functional websites, and smart applications. We believe that we are outstanding. Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it. We are dedicated, committed and focused. We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos.

  • Web Design and Optimisation
  • Brand Identity and Graphic Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Optimisation

Our version

We do Stuff

Website Design and Development, Web Optimization, Brand Identities (digital and print), graphic design, social media optimization, production of digital assets, and more.

We are Passionate

Creative people producing awesome results. Cultivating brand personalities with creativity and vision. We consult on digital strategy and craft meaningful connections with your customers across web, social, mobile & ecommerce

We are Creative

We are a fun mix of designers, engineers, coders and strategists with a great passion for all things creative. We love what we do, it’s our way of life.

With us, the website development is not an expense, but an investment into your business.

You have dozens of requirements for your future website, don’t you? But there should be only one requirement – it should fulfill a commercial or PR-task. Otherwise, it’s just throwing money away. You need an effective business tool. That is exactly what we have been creating for more than 3 years.

The websites developed without a regard to digital marketing are doomed. After all, the secret of success is an integrated approach. Therefore, at Design TreeHouse, programmers, designers, copywriters, analysts, specialists in SEO and PPC work together. Up to the result.

We put our expertise and experience in launching and growing your business.

Our Design Process

What do you hope to accomplish by building this website? Is there a specific group of people that will help you reach your goals? & What type of information is required for reaching your goals?

By answering these simple questions, you start managing the overall expectation of the project. In this step, we will establish a working schedule, budget and timeline for the web design process.

Creating a timeline is crucial for understanding the content organization. Using the information gathered from phase one, we determined how many pages are needed to achieve our goal.

The site structure design can be based on the products and/or services offered. Also, the sitemap must take into consideration the customer journey, from awareness to conversion.

After the client approves the design draft (jpeg images), the web development is the step where the actual website is created. In other words, the site goes into the engineering (coding) part of the work to create an actual, functional website.

Compression, readability, branding, user experience, user interface and efficient use of color are combined to create effective web design.

The target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration in the web design process. Communication with the client is crucial in this step to ensure the final web site will match the client’s needs and taste.

Testing of the site is critical as there will inevitably be issues that need to be addressed before the site goes live. There is nothing that erodes a brand more than a site that doesn’t function properly or that has misspellings or broken design elements.

At this stage the site will need to be reviewed on multiple browsers (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and multiple devices (laptops, tablets, and mobile) to see if and where breaks occur.


We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.